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Football Heads Unblocked

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Football Heads Unblocked is a game dedicated to football lovers out there. It is a very entertaining game especially for those who are familiar with football rules. Also, this game requires two players and you have the ability to control both of them. In addition, you have the ability to make settings that will bring you the most convenience. This includes choosing your teams and selecting your opponents. You can play against the robot or if you have a friend, you two can play as opponents. You can use WASD keys to either move player 1 to your desired direction or jump over opponents. To kick the ball, use the space bar. On the other hand, you can use arrow keys to either move or jump player 2. And to kick the ball, use the space bar.

In the two player’s game, you can use your arrow keys to move or jump your players. But when you do not have an opponent, you can play the game alone and control both players. In Football Heads, you can move your players to either score a goal or block the opponent from scoring into your own net. The latest version of Football Heads allows you to compete in the English premier league and laliga tournaments. And In this version Football Heads Unblocked, you will find popular football players and teams being featured. For example, you will find teams such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool being featured in the games.

For you to unlock more achievements, you need to play and win over 10 games. There are about 19 fixtures in this game that you can play. With this game, you have the option of using your head to kick the ball in the desired direction. Also, you can score as many goals as you can in the opponents net. This game can be a lot of fun because it does not have a lot of rules. It also comes with a friendly user interface that displays both nets at the bottom.

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